Four integrated Solutions allow you to save Time and Money by implementing your Software from a Business Process perspective


Business Process Design
Test Management
Business Process Repository
Project Management
     • Design document is a Living
     • Sets a standard for the
     • Design from a process
     • Design Management tool for
        Project and Integration
   • Test Cases generated from
       Requirements, Controls,
       Business Rules 
       and Processes
   • Extract to ALM Tools
   • Test Case Execution
   • Defect Management
   • Business Process Repository
   • Allows for attaching of
      documents to Business
      Process Model
   • Links Policies, Procedures,
      Business Rules, Metrics, etc.
      to the Business Process
   • Issue & Risk Management
   • Key Decisions & Change
   • Project Schedule
   • Design & Testing Dashboard


Business Processes

Improve the quality of your
business process initiatives

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Global Template

Standardize your business processes and improve your ERP implementation

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Process Framework

The first step in a any business process initiative should be to develop a process framework

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Thought Leadership

The Business Process Ecosystem
BPM at Widener University

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